Traditionell Reiki 1 Kurs i Stockholm! *helg*

This course will be in Swedish! Both saturday and sunday are mandatory, from 2PM to 6PM approximately. _______________________________________________________________________ Reiki natural healing is approved as a healthcare method by Skatteverket and can be learned by all. During the training you will learn to transmit energy through your hands, to yourself, your family and friends, to animals & plants, food etc. _______________________________________________________________________ You will be attuned by me, and will practice giving Reiki to yourself and others. I come from a very direct and short lineage (only 4 Masters between Mikao Usui and myself) which guarantees very accurate information. _______________________________________________________________________ Reiki treatments help to diminish stress, are relaxing and calming, can strengthen the immune system, promotes the body's own ability to heal itself, helps dissolve energy blockages and heal emotional traumas. _______________________________________________________________________ With Reiki 1, the physical body is cleansed and becomes stronger, charged with the universal life energy. Attunements are done privately and individually even in group trainings. Contact me if you would like an individual training. _______________________________________________________________________ More information on Reiki natural healing here: _______________________________________________________________________ Receiving an attunement as part of a group is very exciting because there is a lot of experience sharing, practice on one another, it's a very special moment to share! Attunements are given individually in a separate room of course. I also frequently give attunements one on one, please contact me if you feel this is best for you. _______________________________________________________________________ The first half day is dedicated to introducing ourselves, giving the first 2 initiations of the attunement, and presenting a history of Reiki and of our lineage. I will tell how Reiki has transformed my life and how powerful it is, and talk about the 5 Reiki precepts. _______________________________________________________________________ The second half day is dedicated to the 2 last initiations of the attunement, and hands on exercices. I will show the hand positions for self-treatments, and for treatments on other people. I will explain how to perform both quick and complete treatments. You will be able to train on yourselves first, and then on each others: Reiki works instantly, as soon as the attunement is finished. _______________________________________________________________________ At the end of the weekend you will receive a diploma attesting that you have received the level 1 of Reiki Usui from me. Afterwards we stay in contact and I am available for any questions. _______________________________________________________________________ I'm looking forward to meeting this new group, it's always an exciting and fascinating experience! _______________________________________________________________________ Self investment : 2000kr (+500kr MOMS if you pay through a company). To officially book a spot you need to pay the whole amount by Swish 123 047 11 93 or PG 80 27 86-4, stating "Reiki 1" and your whole name in the comments. Please also register on Bokadirekt here :ästerorts-yoga-%26-rehabcenter-3559/reiki-healing-basic-course-9-10-november-week-end-361808 or Julia 076 903 08 01 - _______________________________________________________________________ A Reiki 2 course will take place the 18th of December for those who wish to continue, please check my other events.