Traditionell Reiki 1 kurs *helg* STHLM

Learn how to receive and transmit universal life energy! _______________________________________________________________________ This course will be in SWEDISH. Check my other courses or contact me for English, French and reiki 2 courses. _______________________________________________________________________ Saturday 14-18 Sunday 14-19 _______________________________________________________________________ Reiki healing is approved as a healthcare method by Skatteverket and can be learned by all. Learn to transmit energy through your hands, to yourself, your loved ones, to animals & plants etc. _______________________________________________________________________ A very direct and short lineage guarantees very accurate information and clear energy. _______________________________________________________________________ Reiki treatments contribute to increasing relaxation, strengthening the immune system, promoting the body's own ability to heal itself, and dissolving energy blockages. _______________________________________________________________________ With Reiki 1, the physical body is cleansed and becomes stronger, charged with more universal life energy. _______________________________________________________________________ Being part of a group provides a lot of experience sharing and practice on one another. Attunements are given individually in a separate room. Contact me for individual courses. _______________________________________________________________________ The first half day we introduce ourselves, I give the first 2 steps of the attunement, and present a history of Reiki and of our lineage. _______________________________________________________________________ The second half day I give the 2 last steps of the attunement, and we do hands on exercises, both for self-treatments, and for treatments on other people. Reiki works instantly, as soon as the attunements are finished. _______________________________________________________________________ You receive a diploma at the end of the week end and I stay available for any questions later on. _______________________________________________________________________ I'm looking forward to meeting this new group, it's always an exciting and fascinating experience! _______________________________________________________________________ Follow the link to book a spot. Both days are mandatory. _______________________________________________________________________ Sign up through this link:ästerorts-yoga-%26-rehabcenter-3559/reiki-healing-nybörjare-kurs-29-feb-1-mars-helg-587754 ______________________________ Contact me via email or phone 076 903 08 01 for any questions! _______________________________________________________________________ Reiki 2 courser held regularly for those who feel ready to go deepen their practice. _______________________________________________________________________ — Julia Wolf, Reiki Master - Happy Healings — _______________________________________________________________________ # Website _______________________________________________________________________ # Facebook Page _______________________________________________________________________ # An article i wrote about Reiki: