Traditional Reiki 2 Course in Stockholm! *evening*

Tired of feeling stuck in old patterns, limiting thoughts and limiting beliefs? Fed up with a challenging situation or feeling powerless in helping those who are far away?________________________________________________________________________ If you already have Reiki 1, then this Reiki 2 course is for you! _______________________________________________________________________ With Reiki 1 it is possible to give Reiki to everything one can touch. With Reiki 2 it becomes possible to send Reiki to everything one *cannot* touch (because it is absent or abstract): people, places, emotions, mental paterns, situations, places, health, finances and much more. _______________________________________________________________________ Reiki 2 opens a whole other world! _______________________________________________________________________ The active course takes 2 half days, one on the 7th of April and the other one on the 5th of May from 6-9:30PM. You will be "ready" after the first half day; the second half day is for questions, experience sharing, tracing and saying the symbols correctly and more practice together. _______________________________________________________________________ Reiki 2 works specifically on thought patterns, emotional trauma etc. Attunements are done in private even when the course is done in a group. Please contact me if you would like a private group. _______________________________________________________________________ In this course you will receive the attunement to Reiki Usui 2, three symbols to be able to send Reiki, and a diploma at the end of the training. You will learn to say and trace the symbols, and we will practice sending Reiki together. Most importantly we will discuss the spiritual and personal step that Reiki 2 represents. _______________________________________________________________________ Self investment: 4500:- inkl. VAT. Payment necessary to book a spot. Please email your full name, full adress, phone number, and VAT-number (in case you have a company) to the magical Inga at so she can sign you up and send you an invoice, because she rocks like that! _______________________________________________________________________ Contact me via email or phone 076 903 08 01 if you have any questions! _______________________________________________________________________ This course will be in English. _______________________________________________________________________ — Julia Wolf, Reiki Master & Tarot Reader - Happy Healings — _______________________________________________________________________ # Website _______________________________________________________________________ # Facebook Page _______________________________________________________________________ # An article from Julia Wolf about Reiki: